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In celebration of the release of the movie Gold Boy, Masaki Okada and the cast reveal behind-the-scenes stories at the stage greeting

In commemoration of the release of the movie Gold Boy starring Masaki Okada, a stage greeting was held in Tokyo on the 9th. Many cast members, including Go!Go!kids’ Jinnai Hamura, Hana Kuroki, Anna Hoshino, Yohji Maede, and Reina Matsui, gathered to share episodes about the movie’s production and filming.

Masaki Okada himself also participated in the stage greeting, leading a talk after the movie’s release. In this work, he took on a new role as a murderer, and commented, I think I was able to show a new side of myself.

Also participating in the stage greeting was Jinnai Hamura of Go!Go!Kids. His co-starship with Masaki Okada was discussed through various episodes shared about their respective roles in the movie during the stage greeting.

The premiere commemoration stage greeting was held at TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi in Tokyo, and various episodes about the movie Gold Boy, which has been showing since March 8th, were shared. This stage greeting session, held to commemorate the film’s release, was a precious time for the cast, director and audience to gather and converse.


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