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Remembering the accomplishments in film and television of actor Nagatoshi Sakamoto, who passed away at the age of 94.

Actor Nagatoshi Sakamoto passed away at the age of 94 in a hospital in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture, due to old age. His death occurred at 2:15 AM on the 20th. Born in Shimane Prefecture, Sakamoto-san had a long career in film and television, entertaining numerous viewers.

The announcement of Sakamoto-san’s death was made by his management agency. According to the agency, Sakamoto-san had expressed chest pain in the middle of February and had been hospitalized ever since.

Sakamoto-san’s funeral and memorial service will be held from 1:00 PM on March 26th at the Sano Crematorium located at 578-1 Niragawa-cho, Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture. It will be an occasion to remember his achievements and character.

After a full life of 94 years, Sakamoto-san’s work will continue to be loved by many fans. We pray for his eternal repose.


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