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UK Prime Minister Shakes Up Cabinet: Controversial Interior Minister Ousted, Former PM David Cameron Returns

In a surprising sequence of events, U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak executed a major reshuffle in his top Cabinet on Monday. The most notable change witnessed was the dismissal of controversial Interior Minister Suella Braverman, widely seen as a divisive figure in the administration.

Braverman had recently generated controversy by accusing the police of being too lenient towards pro-Palestinian demonstrators, marking one of the many instances that rendered her no stranger to conflict during her tenure. Notably, she had also resigned once from the same position under former Prime Minister Liz Truss before being reinstated.

Sunak’s bold move was immediately followed by an unexpected return of former British Prime Minister David Cameron to high office as the newly appointed foreign secretary. Cameron’s comeback marks a significant addition to the political frontline, signalling a possibly new direction for Sunak’s administration.

There has been some discord within the Conservative Party, with one MP publishing a formal letter of no confidence in Rishi Sunak. The recent reshuffle, manifesting in Braverman’s dismissal and Cameron’s reinstatement, appears to be Sunak’s response to growing concerns about his leadership.

While we see James Cleverly stepping in to replace Braverman as the Interior Minister, only time will tell if these changes will have the intended effect of strengthening Sunak’s position and quelling the internal unrest within the party.


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