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Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Announces Abdication after Five Decades Reign, Crown Prince Frederik to Ascend Throne

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – With a reign that has extended over more than five decades, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark has revealed her decision to abdicate. The queen took to a live New Year’s television address to make her announcement, she will officially step down from the throne on January 14, 2024. Europe’s longest-serving monarch cited that after 52 years of rule she believes it is time for new leadership and that the throne will be handed over to her son, Crown Prince Frederik.

Queen Margrethe II will be remembered for her distinguished 52-year reign, the longest for a monarch in Denmark’s history. Her rule spanned impressive generational and societal changes and she leaves a legacy of stability and continuity.

Upon Queen Margrethe II’s abdication, Crown Prince Frederik will succeed the throne, marking a new era for Danish monarchy. His mother’s decision to step aside displays a symbol of her faith in her son’s capability and the nation’s future stability under his reign.


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