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Manager of Burlesque Tokyo arrested on suspicion of violating the Entertainment Business Law with unauthorized hospitality – attention on club operation and future.

It was revealed that the manager of the popular show club ‘Burlesque Tokyo’ in Roppongi, was having female staff entertain customers without permission. As a result, the manager was arrested on suspicion of violating the Business Entertainment Law. The incident caused a major uproar, and the club issued an apology through its official SNS, temporarily closing its doors.

The arrested manager is a 51-year-old man who was serving as the producer of Burlesque Tokyo. According to reports, he is suspected of having female dancers entertain customers without permission in November of last year.

Burlesque Tokyo was popular for its flashy shows and beautiful dancers. Every week from Tuesday to Friday nights, it offered a new type of entertainment combining music and strength training called ‘Music Break – Beauty Body Enhancement’. The concept was to enjoy making a wonderful body with the dancers, which attracted many visitors.

However, it is surprising that unauthorized entertainment was happening behind these attractive services. The incident is a matter related to the Business Entertainment Law and requires a proper response.

Attention will be focused on the development of the manager and the future management of Burlesque Tokyo. We will continue to follow up on how things will unfold and the results.


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