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A student in a primary school in Fukuoka Prefecture choked on a quail egg during lunch, resulting in death. This incident has prompted alerts nationwide and a call for review of safety measures for school meals.

A tragic incident at an elementary school in Miyama City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is causing a great shock. A student tragically lost their life by choking on a quail egg included in the school lunch.

On the 26th, during school lunch, the student choked on a quail egg and was said to have stood up immediately. The school revealed the situation at the time, stating, Five minutes after the start of the lunch, the student stood up.

The student was immediately airlifted to a hospital in Kurume City by a medical helicopter, but unfortunately, they were later confirmed dead. This sad outcome has left the school and local community in shock and feeling a sense of loss.

In response, the relevant Board of Education has indicated its intention to issue a notification to ensure the safety of school meals. In light of this serious accident, there are calls for a reassessment of the safety of meals at school.

Quail eggs, due to their small size and easy-to-swallow nature, have been pointed out as posing a risk of choking for children. This has led to calls for reviews of the selection of school lunch menus and instructions for swallowing food safely.

Similar incidents have been reported in Oita Prefecture, and caution is being sought nationwide. With the safety of school lunches being called into question, educators across the country are being urged to pay close attention to this situation.


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