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From Period Dramas to Modern Culture: Kasuga Taichi’s Lecture on Media and Social Change

The other day, at the Akoh City Hall in Hyogo Prefecture, a lecture was held by Taichi Kasuga, a period drama researcher, who deeply dug into ‘why recently, movies and TV dramas about Chushingura are no longer made’.

‘Chushingura’ is a classic story depicting the revenge of the Akoh Samurai in the Edo period, but its production has been decreasing in recent years. Mr. Kasuga examined this background and cultivated his perspective.

On the other hand, while such historical events and stories are becoming thinner, December is a season when Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and NHK’s Red and White Song Contest come to mind in modern times. Furthermore, it was also a major topic last December that a comedy duo from Tsuyama City, ‘Westland’, won on the TV program ‘M-1 Grand Prix’ last year.

Mr. Kasuga’s lecture was an opportunity to rethink how the contents of the media we encounter daily reflect cultural and social changes. And as we approach the upcoming season, it made us feel that it is increasingly important to have a perspective on how we feel these changes and how we spend our time.


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