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Ayatsuji Yukito’s debut work ‘The Murder in the Decagon House’ is set to be made into a live-action adaptation! Exclusive streaming will start on Hulu in March 2024

The popular mystery novel ‘The Decagon House Murders’ has been confirmed for live action adaptation. This work is the debut of giant in the mystery genre, Ayatsuji Yukito, and can be said to be the work that made him famous overnight. I am very much looking forward to the finished live-action adaptation.

The story of the talked-about work ‘The Decagon House Murders’ revolves around a series of inexplicable tragedies that occur in the quirky ‘House’ built by the legendary architect, Nakamura Seiji. The truth of the incidents that unfold in and around the house unfolds in one line by the reader, which is one of the charms of the series.

The novel is also a 1987 debut by Ayatsuji Yukito, who has consistently led the modern authentic mystery genre and his meticulous plot and vivid depictions have gathered attention in the contemporary mystery genre.

This live-action adaptation is handled by the online video streaming service ‘Hulu’ and is scheduled to exclusively distribute this popular work. With a scheduled viewing start from March 22nd, 2024, teaser visual and special news videos have already been released, so I recommend checking them out in advance.

By the live-action adaptation of the mystery novel ‘The Decagon House Murders’, the worldview of the work will deepen further, and it will be able to convey its charm to many people who do not know it yet. By all means, why not take this opportunity to experience the works of Ayatsuji Yukito?


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