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Storm’s Sho Sakurai set to star in new drama ‘New Airport Occupation’, broadcast starting soon on Nippon TV

The new serial TV drama starring Sakurai Sho, a member of Arashi and an actor, will soon start on the Nippon TV network. The production announcement meeting was held in Kanagawa Prefecture, where the much-awaited official title, ‘New Airport Occupation,’ was announced.

This drama is a sequel to the ‘Major Hospital Occupation’ broadcasted in the January 2023 period. Sakurai Sho is again expected to lead the drama as the main character. In addition, the name of Ai Higa has been mentioned as a co-star.

‘New Airport Occupation’ is scheduled to start broadcasting from January 13th, promising to entertain viewers every Saturday at 10 pm. The announcement meeting was held at Ikuta Studio in the Tama District of Kawasaki City.

Sakurai Sho has had many drama appearances on the Nippon TV network and is active as a popular actor. The new drama will undoubtedly showcase his acting skills to the fullest. Let’s look forward to it.


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