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The release is planned for summer of 2024.

The broadcast start date for the highly anticipated 2024 new release anime ‘The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer’ is determined! Starring a stellar voice cast and unique world perspective as the highlights in English.

As 2024 begins, there will be added excitement for anime enthusiasts. This is due to the launch of a new television animation titled The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer. This anime will be available on d Anime Store and Netflix starting January 5th, and will also commence broadcasting on terrestrial TV from January 8th. This offers viewers the ability to choose how they want to enjoy the anime according to their lifestyle and convenience.

The anime tells the story of adventurers with special abilities. It promises to captivate viewers with diverse characters, a unique worldview, and meticulous storytelling. Ahead of the broadcast, an impressive cast of voice actors, including Ryota Suzuki and Mikako Komatsu, have been announced.

One of the attractive aspects of this work is the drama that unfolds through the special ability of unwanted immortality possessed by its characters and how they handle it. The vibrant characters confront their beliefs and fate, and the way they overcome their challenges will surely resonate with viewers.

Impressively, The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer already enjoys high popularity through other media such as manga and novels. The anime is expected to fully display its charm. Don’t miss the broadcast on January 5th and 8th, and look forward to the story development and touching scenes.


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