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Princess Kiko of Akishino’s health issues; her attendance in official duties will be determined based on health observation.

It has recently been revealed that Her Royal Highness Princess Akishino is not in her best health. She has reportedly been feeling unwell since the end of last year, citing symptoms related to her stomach and intestines. Therefore, it was announced that her participation in future official duties and rituals will be decided based on her health condition.

Similarly, she has been consulting with her medical adviser regarding her attendance at events such as New Year ceremonies and year-end festivities. Her attendance at the Showa Emperor Festival at the Three Palace Sanctuaries of the Imperial Palace, which took place on the 7th, was also subject to the morning assessment by her medical adviser.

On the 7th, the anniversary of the late Emperor Showa’s death, the Showa Emperor Festival ceremony was held at the Imperial Palace and the Imperial Mausoleum, and both the Emperor and the Akishino couple bowed in respect. Princess Akishino attended this ceremony as initially planned.

At present, it is reported that the Princess does not have novel coronavirus or influenza, but we look forward to seeing her getting better as soon as possible. Information regarding Princess Akishino’s health condition is expected to be updated continuously. As a citizen, all we can do is to hope for her swift recovery. We understand that serving public duty under such circumstances must be challenging, but we hope that her health and safety will be prioritized above all else.


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