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Shota Uchimura of Shonen Ninja to temporarily suspend activities due to health concerns – return date undecided

It has been revealed on the 7th that Sota Uchimura (20), a member of the group ‘Shonen Ninja’ and affiliated with SMILE-UP., will be temporarily suspending his activities. The announcement was made on the official website of the junior’s group, and no specific date for the resumption of activities has been reported.

Uchimura’s hiatus is stated to be a result of considering his own health condition. Many fans have expressed concern, but at present, no detailed circumstances have been shared.

In addition, Uchimura had appeared in the stage performance ‘Act ONE,’ which premiered at the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo on the 1st and featured Uchimura until the 6th. However, he will be absent from the performance starting from the 7th, and the parts that Uchimura was in charge of will be played by other members of Shonen Ninja.

While wishing for Sota Uchimura’s health and early return, Shonen Ninja will continue its activities without him. There is a lot of attention being paid to their future activities.


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