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Comedian Esper Ito passes away at 63 – announced by Eikichi Kano on Twitter.

It has recently been confirmed that the comedian Esper Ito (real name: Masuo Ito) passed away at the age of 63. His death became known when it was announced on Twitter by Kano Eikichi, a fellow comedian. The exact date and details of his death will be announced by his agency at a later date.

Esper Ito was known for calling himself a ‘wedding party entertainer’, and he gained popularity by showcasing various unique performances. In particular, viewers loved his performance where he would fit his entire body inside a Boston bag, with only his face sticking out.

Born in Tokyo, he had been living in a nursing home in recent years due to dementia. His death was revealed through interviews with those involved.

We sincerely pray for the repose of Esper Ito’s soul.


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