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Uniqlo sues Chinese fashion brand SHEIN and its operating company for selling imitation products.

Uniqlo, a major clothing retailer in Japan, has announced that it is suing three companies that operate the Chinese fashion brand ‘SHEIN’ and their operating companies for selling counterfeit versions of its popular product, the ‘Round Mini Shoulder Bag’.

Uniqlo argues that the sale of imitation products violates the Unfair Competition Prevention Act. This is because their ‘Round Mini Shoulder Bag’ has gained popularity for its design and functionality, and by promoting the product’s track record and trustworthiness, the company views it as one of Uniqlo’s flagship products.

As a result, Uniqlo believes that the sale of imitations of this bag not only infringes upon the value of the product but also potentially damages the trust in the Uniqlo brand.

The lawsuit was filed against Roadget Business, Fashion Choice and SHEIN itself, which operate the Chinese online fashion retailer ‘SHEIN’. Uniqlo is demanding that these companies cease the sale of counterfeit goods and compensate for damages.

Such imitation product issues are widely recognized as international copyright issues. Particularly with the rise of internet retail making it easy to sell and purchase goods regardless of location, companies are intensifying their efforts to combat imitation products in order to protect their brand value.


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