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NHK announcer, Minoru Aoi, steps down from ‘News Watch 9’, while Tele Tokyo announcer, Yuka Aiuchi, announces new activity.

It has been revealed that NHK announcer, Minoru Aoi (43 years old), has stepped down from his appearance on ‘News Watch 9’ (Monday to Friday, 9 pm). Mr. Aoi had previously announced that he would resign from NHK within this year and work as a freelancer.

The fact became public on the 19th, and it was found that Aoi did not appear on the program consecutively on the same day and the next day. The reason for his departure and his specific plans for the future have not yet been revealed.

On the other hand, Yuka Aiuchi (37 years old), an announcer at TV Tokyo, updated her Instagram for the first time in 2024 on the 20th. She announced that she would be hosting the thank you stage greeting for the big hit ‘SPY×FAMILY CODE:White’ movie version, and reported to her fans about her future activities.


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