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Naoko Nozawa reveals she is in divorce mediation and planning to remarry – Heading to the ‘third round’ of her life after a tumultuous ‘three years’

Naoko Nozawa (60) has updated her status from her residence in San Francisco, USA, revealing on her blog that she is currently going through a divorce settlement and planning to remarry. She referred to her own life as the third round and wrote that the three years from 2021 were three turbulent years. She reported that she plans to remarry a man with whom she is in a band as soon as the divorce is finalized.

Ms. Nozawa said, The divorce process is quite tough, and part-time jobs are physically tough. We are truly poor, but thanks to the cohabitation life with my children and the man I often quarrel with.

In addition, she revealed that she is considering marrying a man who is in a band with her, with remarriage in sight. Referencing a blog article titled Tattoos for Each Other on Wedding Anniversaries, she publicly announced that she is still in the process of divorce settlement, and that she is planning to remarry. She has revealed detailed information about her current living situation, and shown her determination towards remarriage with a new partner.


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