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Model Aki Discusses Her Relationship with Former Baseball Player Kazuhiro Kiyohara and Personal Life: Also on Her Bond with Best Friend Chizuko Takashima

Model Aki (54) appeared on the TV Asahi’s show ‘Tetsuko’s Room’ on the 26th, where she spoke about her relationship with former professional baseball player Kazuhiro Kiyohara (56), who is known for his distinguished career in the Seibu and the Giants of professional baseball, scoring a total of 525 home runs.

During the show, Aki touched upon her divorce with Kiyohara, as well as their current situations. Having experienced her parents’ divorce, it seemed she spoke about how she navigated her relationship with Kiyohara from that perspective.

Furthermore, Aki mentioned the child she had with her ex-husband Kiyohara. Although she did not disclose detailed information, her humanity and her strength as a mother can be inferred.

Aki also spoke about her friend, the violinist Chizuko Takashima. Their bond, which has grown deep as they have each followed their own paths, has influenced their ways of life.

While continuing her career as a model, Aki values her relationships with her ex-husband and child in her private life, and builds deep bonds with her friends. Through all of these, it’s clear that Aki is a woman with a broad range of life experiences, and these experiences have shaped and influenced her.


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