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First Summer Uika’s New Development: Appearing in a Historical Drama, New Commercials, and the Opening of ‘Biwako Otsu Historical Drama Museum’

First Summer Uika, a popular talent, is creating buzz with her role as Kikyou in NHK’s Taiga Drama ‘Kagayaku Kimi e’. A special talk show was held in Otsu, Shiga, on January 30 to discuss her role in the drama.

In addition, First Summer Uika also appeared in the new commercial for Asahi Super Dry’s ‘Surprise of the Draft Beer Can’. Her line in the commercial, ‘Apparently, if you hold it in your hand, you get froth,’ was broadcasted nationwide and received significant feedback from viewers.

Furthermore, she updated her Instagram to talk about her performance in the Taiga Drama. When she posted a new photo, comments such as ‘beautiful’ and ‘pretty’ poured in from fans. The picture she posted included the hashtag ‘#UikaCostume’, which invited comments drawing comparisons with characters from the anime Demon Slayer.

Meanwhile, the ‘Biwako Otsu Taiga Drama Hall: Kagayaku Kimi e’ was opened on January 29th in Ishiyama Temple in Otsu, Shiga prefecture. This is considered the location where Murasaki Shikibu got the inspiration for ‘The Tale of Genji’ and now functions as a facility linked with the Taiga Drama.

Through these activities, First Summer Uika’s presence is steadily increasing. Her role in the Taiga Drama is a big step in her career, and expectations are high for her future activities.


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