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Chigasaki Hamaday, for the start of the New Year, offers special sales – ‘Ehomaki’ and ‘Risshun Daikichi, Fukumaki Sushi’

Hamadayasan announces special sale of ‘Ehomaki’ for a good start to the year

Chigasaki Hamadayasan of the Manpuku Holdings Group has revealed that it will temporarily offer special products to celebrate the start of the New Year. The main products are ‘Ehomaki’ and ‘Risshun Daikichi Fuku Makizushi’, which will be available on a limited basis on February 2 (Friday) and February 3 (Saturday).

‘Ehomaki’ is a type of sushi roll made at home as a custom of the Setsubun festival, eaten while facing in the prospering direction of the year – a traditional event to hope for health and prosperity throughout the year. However, making these Ehomaki takes time and effort. Therefore, Hamadayasan decided to offer Ehomaki that respects tradition and at the same time, meets the needs of busy modern lifestyles.

‘Risshun Daikichi Fuku Makizushi’ is available in both full and half sizes, and can be chosen according to type and size. On the other hand, the ‘Ehomaki Three-Kind Eating Comparison Set’ is also available, allowing you to enjoy various flavors according to your preferences.

On January 26, a prayer for seaweed was also held at the Motomura Hachioji Shrine. This was done as a part of praying for the health and welfare of all those who purchase the Ehomaki ‘Fuku makizushi’. As Chigasaki Hamadayasan of the Manpuku Holdings Group, we continue to carry on such traditional events and deepen ties with the local community, hoping that many more people will have a good year.


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