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Lawson significantly increases volume on select items, holds a limited time ‘Overloading Challenge’ in stores nationwide! Prices remain the same with an increase of up to 47%

Lawson announced on February 5th that they will significantly increase the quantity of certain products for a limited time. In this Overfill Challenge, 19 of the store’s signature products are targeted, and the weight of the products will be increased by approximately 1.5 times while keeping the price the same.

One of the products in the Overfill Challenge, the ‘Premium Roll Cake’, will be increased by 47% more than usual. This product uses 100% Hokkaido-produced fresh cream, and the appealing point is the good melting texture of the cream.

The Overfill Challenge will be held at Lawson stores nationwide from February 6th to 26th, following a commemorative event held in Tokyo on February 5th. Since the prices will remain the same, this will be good news for customers who want to enjoy more products.

Also, the products targeted for the Overfill Challenge include a wide range of 19 items, such as rice balls, bento boxes, cooked bread, and desserts. Notably, the amount of tapioca in tapioca milk tea will be increased from the usual 240g.

This campaign will be held for three weeks, and customers will be able to enjoy more products than usual. Products that have been increased by approximately 47% at the same price will be gradually released from February 6th. Please make sure to check it out when you use Lawson.


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