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About the renewal of ‘Matsumoto and Nakai’ due to Matsumoto Hitoshi’s hiatus, and the appearance of new MC Kazunari Ninomiya

The program ‘Dareka to Nakai’ on the Fuji TV network has become a hot topic due to its recent renewal. The program, formerly known as ‘Matsumoto to Nakai’, has been renamed ‘Dareka to Nakai’ following the hiatus in entertainment activities by comedian Matsumoto Hitoshi.

The initial broadcast of this new format took place on the 4th, featuring hosts Nakai Masahiro and Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi. With this program revamp, it’s the first time for the team-up of hosts Nakai Masahiro and Ninomiya Kazunari. The upcoming broadcast is already being announced, and actress Maki Yoko is expected to appear as a guest.

Matsumoto Hitoshi’s hiatus was announced in the broadcast on the 28th of last month, and since then, the broadcast of ‘Matsumoto to Nakai’ had been temporarily suspended. However, with the introduction of new host Ninomiya Kazunari, the program was able to renew as ‘Dareka to Nakai’ and resume broadcasting.

Ninomiya Kazunari’s participation has been well-received, and positive reactions have been reported from viewers. With his new role, there’s anticipation on how the program will evolve.


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