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Tsubasa Imai Showcases His Multifaceted Talent and Charm as a Guest on Fuji TV’s ‘Pokapoka’ – His Flamenco Performance Gains Attention

Actor Tsubasa Imai (42) made a guest appearance on the Fuji TV show ‘Pokapoka’ on the 16th. He showcased his versatility in the program by performing Flamenco.

During his appearance, Imai, in a stand collar white shirt and jacket, and sporting a mustache, caught the viewers’ eyes with his stylish image. He was introduced as a ‘national treasure level handsome middle-aged actor’, captivating both inside and outside of the studio with his style and charm.

Additionally, there was a segment in the show where images of the guests were discussed and Imai was frequently brought up. The tension and excitement captivated the viewers, making the most of this valuable appearance opportunity.

In his Flamenco performance, his sense of rhythm, and emotional expression garnered particular attention. The passion and skill Imai possesses for Flamenco was conveyed through his performance, leaving a deep impression on the viewers.

Through this guest appearance, Tsubasa Imai’s diverse talents and appeal have been re-recognized, attracting further attention.


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