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Koji Kikkawa confesses about his surgery on his 40th debut anniversary program – Overcoming traumatic cataracts

Koji Kikkawa (age 58) appeared on the TV Asahi talk show ‘Tetsuko’s Room’ which aired on March 1st. The show, hosted for many years by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, is a popular program. Kikkawa-san, not only a singer but also a versatile actor, is actively performing in a variety of roles. This year he celebrates his 40th anniversary of his debut, mesmerizing viewers with his energetic performances.

During the show, Kikkawa-san revealed that he had undergone surgery. The procedure he underwent was for ‘traumatic cataract’, a condition in which the lens becomes cloudy due to trauma, leading to a decrease in vision. He had this surgery two months ago, in January. Up until now, he had not publicly disclosed having had this procedure, but he confessed for the first time during his recent appearance.

Viewers were surprised by his confession, but also expressed great support for Kikkawa-san’s positive attitude and his past activities. We will be keeping a close watch on Kikkawa-san as he continues his career as a singer and actor.


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