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Yudai Furukawa, skillfully playing the famous thief Lupin and the shogunate’s chief executive in period dramas – Thoughts on stage acting and character building

Yudai Furukawa spoke about his thoughts on the character creation and the stage before the opening day of the musical LUPIN – The Secret of Countess Cagliostro, in which he stars. In this work, Furukawa plays the famous thief Arsène Lupin, known for his cunning and brilliant action. On the other hand, he plays the role of Takayama, the chief executive of the inner palace in the historical drama Ōoku Season 2 by NHK Drama 10. I’ve not done much historical drama. And since season 1 was popular, there was pressure, says Furukawa.

As Takayama, Furukawa portrays a man who was discovered by Masahiro Abe, served the 13th and 14th families, and ultimately became the head of the inner palace. His performance, praised as beautiful and gallant, whether in shadow or samurai, is highly regarded by viewers.

On the other hand, regarding the character creation in the musical LUPIN – The Secret of Countess Cagliostro, Furukawa says, The existence of Arsène Lupin is a great pressure, but there is also the pleasure of finding a new self.

In summary, this shows Furukawa’s multifaceted activities. It’s obvious that he is fully utilizing his talent on two different stages; the musical and historical drama.


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