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Talent and competitive eater, Gal Sone, announces on live broadcast that she is pregnant with her third child and will begin maternity leave.

Talent and known for her big eating capacity, Gal Sone (37) has announced live on air that she is pregnant with her third child and will be going on maternity leave.

This announcement was made on TBS’s morning variety show ‘Lavitt!’ (Every Monday to Friday 8:00-9:55), on which she serves as a regular on Thursdays.

Apologizing for announcing such personal news at the end of the program, Gal Sone informed viewers of her situation, saying, ‘I am going on maternity leave today.’

Despite the unexpected announcement, congratulations were heard from viewers, promising to warmly watch over the new stage of Gal Sone’s life. For the fans looking forward to her big eating challenges, they will have to temporarily take their eyes off her performance, but during this time, Gal Sone will likely treasure her family life.

It is a joyous news for fans that she, who has been active in the entertainment industry for many years, is moving on to a new stage of building a family, and Gal Sone herself must be excited for her new lifestyle ahead.


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