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It has been announced that the new drama ‘Mr. Matsunaga in the Living Room’, starring Kento Nakajima from Sexy Zone and Hikaru Takahashi as the leads, will be broadcast in 2024.

The drama ‘Mr. Matsunaga in the Living’, which will be broadcast in the ‘Fire Drama Eleven’ slot in January 2024, has confirmed its casting, with Kento Nakajima of Sexy Zone as the lead and Hikaru Takahashi as the heroine.

The drama is set in a shared house and depicts various human relationships. In ‘Mr. Matsunaga in the Living’, Kento Nakajima will be playing the lead role for the first time in ‘Fire Drama Eleven’. Among his fans, there are many delighted voices about this news. Additionally, Hikaru Takahashi, who appears as the heroine, is looking forward to her first co-starring with Kento Nakajima and is showing her enthusiasm for the drama.

Furthermore, since this drama will be broadcast nationwide on Kansai TV and Fuji TV network, many viewers are eagerly waiting for it. The broadcast time is every Tuesday after 11 pm, so you can relax and watch it even on busy days.

There are already voices eagerly anticipating what kind of drama ‘Mr. Matsunaga in the Living’ will be. Please look forward to seeing what kind of chemistry the duo of Kento Nakajima and Hikaru Takahashi will show.


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