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Major food manufacturer ‘Meiji’ announces the emergency recall of 45,000 bottles after detecting animal medication components in their dairy products.

Meiji, a major Japanese food manufacturer, has announced the detection of ‘Sulfamonomethoxine’, an ingredient used in animal medicines for preventing bovine infections, in their ‘Meiji Milk’ (180 milliliters) which is produced at their factory in the Kansai region (Kaizuka, Osaka Prefecture).

In response to this announcement, Meiji has stated that it is urgently recalling approximately 45,000 units of the affected product. Both Meiji and Osaka Prefecture have confirmed the presence of an ingredient that should not be included under the Food Sanitation Act, leading Osaka Prefecture to order the recall of over 44,000 units.

Further investigation after the announcement revealed that all the relevant products were exclusively for home delivery. The animal medicine found in the milk is typically used for preventing and treating bovine infections, and the presence of Sulfamonomethoxine was confirmed.

This incident has raised questions about the product management systems of not only Meiji but also the entire food manufacturing industry. Further investigations and enhancement in product management are being called for in the future.


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