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Gusto announces price reductions on 30 main menu items such as pizza and hamburgers – Declares ‘Affordable Gusto’, bringing a fresh flavor to the dining out industry.

Skylark Holdings, the operator of the family restaurant ‘Gusto’, has announced that it will be lowering the prices of some of its menu items and alcoholic beverages, a move against the trend in the food service industry which has been struggling with rising food prices. This is positioned as the ‘Value for Money Gusto’ declaration, and price revisions will be made for about 30 items, including the mainstay items such as pizza and hamburgers.

The price cuts have already been in effect as of November 16, 2023, and it is noted that the sales content and prices may vary at some locations. Moreover, these menu adjustments will be carried out across all stores, which is likely to be welcome news for Gusto enthusiasts nationwide.

Gusto is known for providing high-quality ingredients at reasonable prices and is popular among a wide range of customers, including families, friends and couples. This price cut is expected to make it easier for more customers to enjoy Gusto, and is seen as potentially leading to further business expansion.

This price reduction goes against the grain at a time when food prices are rising, attracting attention from the perspective that it can create stiff price competition with other restaurant chains. Additionally, Gusto’s initiative will not only affect their prices but also be a step forward in deepening connection with customers through the provision of new value.


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