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Erika Toda reveals the secret to her radiant and healthy skin at the Lanc么me new product launch.

Erika Toda (35) made an appearance at Lanc么me’s new product launch. She appeared in a bold, shoulder-baring pure white dress, and her radiant, transparent skin shone brightly. ‘I went with transparency, I expressed transparency,’ said Toda.

The new product launch for Lanc么me’s cosmetic brand ‘Clarifique Dual Essence Lotion EX’ was held, and Toda, who serves as a Lanc么me muse, made an appearance in a pure white dress. She also touched on the secret to maintaining her physical and mental health.

In addition, Lanc么me’s ‘Clarifique Dual Essence Lotion’ has been revamped, and Toda also spoke about her ‘skin-care routine’ that she values, and moments she feels happy.

In interviews, Toda also showed a ‘motherly side’. Her appearance in a white dress with exposed shoulders fully accentuated her charm as a ‘Lanc么me Muse’.

This press conference was announced in Lanc么me’s press release, and Toda took the stage in a luxurious appearance, and also spoke about the secret to maintaining her radiant, transparent skin.

Toda’s collaboration with Lanc么me leads to the pursuit of true beauty with her sense of cleanliness and radiant skin.


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