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Japanese actress, Aoi Morikawa, wins multiple medals at the Sports Stacking Asia Championship, demonstrating a new talent.

Aoi Morikawa (28), a Japanese actress, demonstrated her talent by winning various medals at the Asian Championship of Sports Stacking. This competition was held in South Korea from the 17th to the 19th of this month, where Morikawa participated as a Japanese representative.

Sports Stacking is a sport where you compete over the speed of stacking and returning cups, gaining popularity all over the world. In this championship, players’ times are measured in units of one-thousandth of a second to test their skills and speed.

Morikawa took on three categories: team, pair, and individual, managing the remarkable feat of winning medals in each. She won the gold medal in the team category, a silver in the pair, and a bronze in the individual. This was a significant moment where she proved her skills not only in acting but also in sports.

Her performances have demonstrated the potential of sports stacking, attracting newfound attention to this sport. It became clear that Aoi Morikawa’s talents were not only limited to acting, but also shone in a new field – sports stacking. With her adept skills and captivating performance, she enthralled the audience and electrified the venue.


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