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Shoko Nakagawa, a Japanese celebrity, announces her real name change on official social media – Rare photos from her child actor days also released

Shoko Nakagawa, a famous talent, has reported on her official X (formerly Twitter) that her real name change has been approved, while also sharing precious shots from her days as a child actor. The application to change her real name from Shōko to Shoko was processed at the family court, and finally was approved.

According to Shoko Nakagawa’s comments, From today on, I’m not Shōko, but Shoko!! Hurray!!! I’ve been allowed to reimport the name ‘Shoko Nakagawa’ which everyone has raised me by! she expresses her joy that her new name has been recognized.

In addition, she announced the name change from Shōko to Shoko on her own YouTube channel. Many fans have celebrated her new step and have high expectations for her future activities.

Seizing this opportunity, she aims to expand her activities more than ever and to influence more people under the name Shoko Nakagawa. Attention is being gathered on her future success.


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