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Hana Sugisaki Reappears on ‘A-Studio+’ Discussing Private Life and Interactions with Fellow Actresses

Actress Hana Sugisaki appeared on the talk variety show A-Studio+ (TBS series) broadcasted on December 1st. This marks the actress’s third appearance on the show.

In the show, Sugisaki’s private life was also discussed, including her friendship with fellow actress Moka Kamishiraishi. Information gathered from a prior interview with Kamishiraishi allowed the show’s MC, Taisuke Fujigaya of Kis-My-Ft2, to express interest in topics such as Kamishiraishi’s visits to Sugisaki’s home and home-cooked meals provided by Sugisaki.

Moreover, another actress, Ai Hashimoto, also shared stories about Sugisaki, adding laughter to the show. Hashimoto talked about birthday gifts from Sugisaki, showcasing a refreshing side of her to the viewers.

Overall, Hana Sugisaki’s appearance on A-Studio+ provided viewers the opportunity to learn a new side of her. Not only focusing on her professional life, the content shone a spotlight on Sugisaki’s personal life and interactions with friends, highlighting her humanity.


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