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Couple Masayuki Yuhara and Yumiko Araki Confirmed to Appear on Popular Talk Show ‘Tetsuko’s Room’: Stories from Their Meeting to Their Marriage to Be Revealed

It has been announced that the renowned Japanese celebrities, Masayuki Yuhara and Yumiko Araki, husband and wife, will appear on the famous talk show ‘Tetsuko’s Room’ on TV Asahi. The broadcast is scheduled from 1 pm, from Monday to Friday, starting from December 5th.

Masayuki Yuhara, a 76-year-old singer and actor, and Yumiko Araki, a 63-year-old talent, despite being a married couple, each have independent careers and enjoy notable fame. In the upcoming program, they will publicly share the story of how they met and got married.

Yumiko Araki, who debuted as an idol, has served as a host on numerous TV shows and has been loved by a wide range of generations with her bright and friendly personality. Meanwhile, Masayuki Yuhara has also attracted a wide fan base through his unique singing style and acting career.

Their joint TV appearance will be greatly anticipated by their fans. From their past episodes to their current daily life, there will surely be a plethora of unmissable stories. Let’s look forward to this broadcast and expect to hear their yet-unrevealed personal and career stories.


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