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STARTO ENTERTAINMENT: A new company established by independence from the old Johnny’s, a new challenge begins by President Jun Fukuda and Vice President Kai Inohara

A new company, split off from the old Johnny’s office and taking over talent management, has been established, with the name announced as STARTO ENTERTAINMENT. This announcement was made by Vice President Kaihiko Inohara of SMILE-UP, who appeared in a video for fans released on the 8th.

The new company will be headed by President Atsushi Fukuda, who has posted a message on the company’s new website. Mr. Fukuda expresses his deep emotion at being appointed as the CEO of the newly established STARTO ENTERTAINMENT, and speaks passionately about the activities of the new company.

The establishment of the new company by Vice President Inohara and President Fukuda comes in the wake of a name change issue due to sexual abuse allegations at the former Johnny’s office, attracting attention to their future activities.

While it remains to see how the principles, prospects, and activities of the new company STARTO ENTERTAINMENT will evolve, what is certain is that a new challenge in talent management by Vice President Inohara and President Fukuda has begun as part of a new history.


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