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Actor Murasugi Seminosuke arrested by Fukushima Prefecture Police on suspicion of violating the Special Narcotics Law: Received regulated drugs multiple times.

Actor Seminosuke Murasugi (real name Yuichi Murasugi, 58) was arrested by the Fukushima Prefectural Police on 11th for suspected violation of the Narcotics Control Act. Murasugi is suspected of having received controlled drugs, according to an investigation by the Fukushima Prefectural Police. Murasugi admits to the suspicion, saying, ‘It is certain that I received controlled drugs’.

According to the announcement by the Fukushima Prefectural Police, Murasugi is suspected of having received controlled drugs multiple times from an illicit dealer he met on the Internet during the period from November of Reiwa 4 to January of Reiwa 5. The transfer of the controlled drugs was communicated through a highly secretive app and sent by a letter pack postal service.

Following this incident, the theater company and agency that Murasugi belongs to, the Adult Plan, is in a situation of being overwhelmed with responses. Also, in Shima, Nakanoto-cho, Gunma prefecture, his hometown, it can be said that the shock has spread among local related people.

Murasugi is a well-known actor, and his arrest is likely to send shock waves throughout the industry and beyond. The legal proceedings and the clarification of the facts are awaited. As the proceedings advance, the truth will surely be revealed in detail.


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