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Yumiko Udo, the main caster of ‘news zero’, announces her graduation in March of next year, drawing attention to her further activities.

Well-known freelance broadcaster Yumiko Udo (54) made a live appearance on Nippon TV’s news program ‘news zero’ on the 14th, where she announced she would be graduating from the program in March next year.

Udo has been serving as the main caster of ‘news zero’ since October 2018. Since leaving NHK and becoming a freelance announcer, her activities have expanded. However, on this day, she shocked viewers by appearing with an injury. Udo said she had hurt her face by misstepping on the stairs, causing worry among viewers.

Udo also made a live appearance on Nippon Broadcasting’s ‘Udo’s Radio’ that aired on the 15th. There, she also revealed that she would be serving as the main caster next March. This is expected to further expand Udo’s range of activities.

Udo, who has been serving as a caster for ‘news zero’ for a long time, has an end to that journey. Attention is being focused on her by many viewers as to what kind of activities she will be involved in from now on.


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