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Osamu Tezuka’s masterpiece ‘Black Jack’ to be turned into a TV drama in 2024 – starring Kazuki Takahashi, it’s the first drama adaptation in 24 years, offering a new perspective on the world.

It has been announced that ‘Black Jack’, the monumental medical manga by the master artist Osamu Tezuka, will be turned into a television drama in 2024. This news was revealed in 2023, marking the 50th anniversary of the manga’s serialization.

The lead role of the drama ‘Black Jack’, scheduled for broadcast on the TV Asahi network, will be played by the talented actor, Kazuki Takahashi. All eyes are on him to see how he will express the world view of the Tezuka work and bring the character of the mysterious doctor Black Jack to life.

The script will be written by Yoshiko Morishita, known for ‘Woman of the Castle Lord – Naoto’, while character design will be taken on by Isao Tsuge, known for the successful ‘Rohan Kishibe Does Not Move’. With this impressive staff, it is sure that the original world view of the work will be recreated.

The dramatization of ‘Black Jack’ on TV Asahi is actually the first in 24 years. It was originally broadcasted in 1981 with Yuzo Kayama in the lead role. No doubt, this re-adaptation will capture a new audience.

‘Black Jack’ is considered a national medical manga. Its unique world view and special story that deals with ethical issues will be revived once again. Let’s look forward to the drama ‘Black Jack’, featuring a highly anticipated performance by Kazuki Takahashi.


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