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Yuki Kudo’s human appeal demonstrated during her appearance on ‘Tetsuko’s Room’, her 40-year acting career, and her deep respect for her late father

Yuki Kudo (52), boasting a 40-year career as an actor, recently appeared on the popular show ‘Tetsuko’s Room’ by TV Asahi. On the episode aired on December 20, he deeply discussed his memories with his father, Enka singer Hachiro Izawa, who passed away about 10 years ago.

In detail, Kudo reminisced about his 40-year career starting from his debut in his teens to regular Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. His journey involved many challenging times, and overcoming these adversities helped him grow and develop a deep understanding as an actor.

Especially moving was when Kudo reminisced about his late father, Hachiro Izawa. Izawa was not only Kudo’s foster parent but also greatly influenced his music. Therefore, when Kudo narrated his last memories with him, the atmosphere of the show was filled with deep respect and love.

This episode became known to fans when Kudo shared off-shots on his Instagram, which received a lot of responses. His life philosophy and values expressed in this appearance on the show received many expressions of empathy and gratitude from viewers.

Furthermore, Kudo plans to continue appearing in foreign productions, with more activities expected in the future. There is much anticipation for how his humanistic charm and extensive experience will reflect in his acting career going forward.


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