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Speed and creativity unite! The new special effects super team, ‘Bakujo Sentai BunBunger’, to start broadcasting on TV Asahi network in March 2024!

It is scheduled that the latest work in Toei’s popular Sekai Series Bakujo Sentai BunBunger will start broadcasting on TV Asahi on March 3, 2024. This will be the 48th installment in the series.

The motif this time is Car × Creating. The story revolves around popular heroes dressed in racing suits themed around cars, speedometers, and tires, overcoming difficulties with wisdom and technology.

The transformation items and weapons are also car-themed. The BunBunChanger, used for transformation, is designed with a speedometer motif, and the common weapon BunBunHandle transforms into a cool wrench-shaped gun.

The overall concept is to excite your mood. With the new motif of Car × Creating, a new adventure begins.

The Bakujo Sentai BunBunger will broadcast every Sunday morning at 9:30. The new series is sure to entertain not only children, but also adults.


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