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Advance Cut of the first episode of ‘Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite’ 3rd season released: Choice and Growth are the main themes

Recently, the popular novel Welcome to the Classroom of the Supreme Principle of Merit has been animated again as the 3rd season, and the synopsis and preview of the first episode Choosing something is the greatest nourishment for growth. has been released.

This work depicts the daily life of students at Takamura Academy, a private high school established on the principle of maximizing individual abilities. The story portrays the protagonists of the isolated Class D as they discover their own strengths while experiencing self-sacrifice, friendship, betrayal, and confront the strict rules of the academy.

The first episode presents the theme Choosing something is the greatest nourishment for growth. This emphasizes that choices not only form part of everyday life but are also important elements that shape each individual’s life. As the protagonists face various worries and expectations, viewers will be excited to see what choices they make and how they grow.

In the released preview, the expressions and settings of each character suggest the developments that the new season will bring. Everyone is curious to see how they will carve out their own destiny.

The 3rd season marks a new beginning of the story, with a deeper exploration into the students’ inner world, the issues they face, and the problems they will need to confront in the future. Choices can bring not only joy but also disappointment and regret. Expectations are high to see what path they will choose and how they will proceed.

Please look forward to Welcome to the Classroom of the Supreme Principle of Merit 3rd season, and enjoy the story shaped by their choices and their resulting consequences.


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