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Fumiya Fujii’s 40th Anniversary Special Program: A Look into his Musical Journey and Private Side on WOWOW Broadcast

A special program commemorating the 40th anniversary of Fumiya Fujii’s debut will be broadcasted on WOWOW. Mr. Fumiya Fujii, a singer who enjoys high popularity mainly among women, is celebrating his 40th anniversary since his debut, and a special program has been organized in honor of his accomplishments.

First of all, four programs, including Fumiya Fujii Premium Symphonic Concert, will be broadcast all at once on March 1, 2024. Included in this is the pattern of the full orchestra live in 2015, in which Mr. Fujii’s hit songs revive with a grand orchestra sound. This dramatic performance is a must-see not only for fans but also for music lovers.

Also, since Mr. Fujii is from Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, he will appear on the travel program ‘It’s morning! Live It’s Travel Salad’ on February 3, 2024. Along with his real brother, Mr. Naoyuki Fujii, they will sing the program theme song as a unit called F-BLOOD, giving a glimpse of Mr. Fujii’s private side as well as his music.

In addition, the pattern of past performances will also be delivered. The pattern of the performance Fumiya Fujii Special Live 2012 ‘Winter …’ held in Tokyo International Forum in 2012 is also part of it. Through these broadcasts, you can trace the trajectory of Mr. Fujii’s musical activities.

Through these broadcasts, we shine a light on Fumiya Fujii’s 40-year music career. Please take another look at Mr. Fujii’s music, which has sent many hit songs to the world and has been close to many people’s hearts.


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