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2024 Leap Day Exclusive! Mark Panther Special Live ‘GROOVE 2024 Presented by mimonal’, limited to 150 tickets, will be on sale soon at TIGET translated to English.

Renowned artist Mark Panther from the Japanese music industry will be performing in an exclusive live concert. It has been announced that he will be appearing in a special live concert, limited to 150 people, to be held on the leap day of the year 2024. This live event, ‘GROOVE 2024 Presented by mimonal’, made possible by a dream collaboration with Grabss Corporation, is indeed an eagerly anticipated major event for fans.

This idea to hold a special event on a special day is one of Grabss Corporation’s innovative initiatives, meticulously planned down to the smallest detail. Judging from this press release, the concert will surely incorporate elements to highlight Mark Panther’s charm to the fullest.

Interestingly, tickets for this live concert will be sold through a platform called TIGET. Imagine the moment when the ticket you purchased here arrives at your hands. That’s when your special experience starts.

By the way, Leap Day is a special day that only comes once every four years, and this year it is that year. The chance to enjoy Mark Panther’s performance on such a unique day promises to be an undeniably sensational experience.

Further details about the live concert will be announced in future updates. However, as the concert tickets are limited to 150 and are expected to sell out quickly, we recommend that you check and book early so as not to miss this opportunity.

Why not start preparing now to spend this historic day with Mark Panther? Look forward to it.


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