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Decision and Passion – The Post-War Special Story of Suzuko Fukurai, the Queen of Boogie Woogie

The Japanese morning drama series ‘Boogie Woogie’ is a story modeled on ‘Boogie Queen’, a major star after the war, Shizuko Kasagi. The central character of this story is the heroine, Suzuko Fukurai (played by actress Shu Ri), who aspires to be a singer.

In the turmoil after the war, Suzuko faces many difficulties, but determinedly with her unwavering dream, she forges her path as a singer, using her singing ability and deep love towards people as her weapon. Her passion and wisdom make a profound impression on the viewers, leaving many enthralled by her songs and performances.

Suzuko’s story depicts various aspects of her life including job hunting, family issues, and a monumental career until her successful attainment as a singer. But her success was not easily achieved. She chose to confront harsh reality, reassess herself, and decided to follow her own path.

As a result, Suzuko earned the nickname ‘Boogie Queen’, and reminiscent of Shizuko Kasagi, she establishes her place as a singer demonstrating tremendous mental strength along with a radiant smile. The morning drama ‘Boogie Woogie’ shows viewers how strong will and decision-making power can shape one’s life, by encouraging them through one woman’s success and struggle in the post-war music scene.


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