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Boogie Woogie: The Growth and Success Trajectory of Showa Star Singer, Shizuko Kasagi – The Moving 90th Episode

The NHK serial drama Boogie Woogie, which is broadcast every week from Monday to Friday, is a story based on the life of Showa’s star singer, Shizuko Kasagi. The protagonist, Suzuko, is an enchanting heroine, played by Shuri.

The recent storyline is filled with unique episodes, and particularly, episode 90 aired on February 8th moved the viewers. In this episode, Suzuko performs part of Tokyo Boogie Woogie.

The story traces the process of how Suzuko, with her visuals being born in Kagawa Prefecture and raised in Osaka, becomes a star singer as the Queen of Boogie. Her journey, starting from a poster girl at a public bath, and gradually rising to stardom, is depicted.

Meanwhile, in the Tokyo Boogie Woogie scene, Suzuko stands out as a singer who cheers up the post-war world and brings joy and courage to people. Her character moves viewers and stirs up vitality to live.

The flow of the story is consistent, communicating to viewers the story of Suzuko’s growth and success. Furthermore, she meticulously depicts the process of how she became the Queen of Boogie, letting you experience her true stardom.

Through this story, viewers can glimpse the light and shadow of the music industry in the Showa era, as well as the way of life of stars. Boogie Woogie is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a part of the pop culture of this era.

Episode 90 aired on February 8th was a crucial turning point in the story and a not-to-miss part. The viewers happily accepted this episode filled with the emotions and talent of Suzuko played by Shuri.


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