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King Charles III Diagnosed with Cancer; to Temporarily Step Back From Public Duties Amidst Treatment, Buckingham Palace Reveals

King Charles III, residing at Buckingham Palace, has been diagnosed with an unspecified form of cancer, according to royal authorities. This revelation follows the King’s recent treatment for an enlarged prostate, an entirely separate health issue. The discovered cancer is not linked to his prostate condition or is it prostate cancer, the Palace confirmed.

The 75-year-old monarch started treatment on Monday for his newly diagnosed illness. While the specific type of cancer was not disclosed, the Palace maintained that the King’s spirits remain unaffected. “He remains wholly positive about his treatment,” relayed a Buckingham Palace spokesperson, suggesting the King’s optimistic outlook through this challenging time.

This health development arrived shortly after King Charles was treated at The London Clinic in central London for his enlarged prostate. Following his period of hospitalisation, he was discharged and returned to the Palace, accompanied by his wife, Camilla.

As his treatment continues, King Charles III will be stepping back from public engagements temporarily. His doctors recommended minimization of in-person contacts as a precautionary measure during his ongoing medical treatment. The King’s health situation, though concerning, has been promptly tackled, and further diagnostic tests are underway, the Palace assured.


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