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Hypergryph, developers of ‘Arknights’, release a new RPG game ‘Ex Astris’ – A new challenge of a premium game for smartphones.

On February 27, 2024, Hypergryph, known for Arknights, released a new RPG game Ex Astris. Unusually for smartphone games, this new offering is a one-time purchase game, meaning you can enjoy it fully without any additional charges after the initial purchase.

Ex Astris, a 3D semi-real-time, turn-based RPG, was released for iOS and Android. The game was developed by Hypergryph and released from its new brand, GRYPHLINE.

The game is known for its action battle game dressed in command RPG skin. This refers to a new genre of game that combines the strategy of command RPG and the speed and excitement of action battle games.

Hypergryph, having been acclaimed for their quality and innovation in their previous hit game Arknights, is making unique new challenges with their latest game Ex Astris, inheriting its tradition. Attention is being focused on Hypergryph’s moves, with increasing expectations for their evolution and success.


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