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Rise of the Ronin: An Open-World Action RPG Experiencing the Turbulence of the Bakumatsu Era to be Released in March 2024

‘Rise of the Ronin’ is an open-world action RPG for PlayStation 5, set to be released on March 22, 2024, by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). This game immerses the players into the turbulent end of the Edo period, assuming the role of a ronin (a masterless samurai), with the charm of the game deeply entrenched in its depiction of this historical era.

As players journey through the world of the Edo period rōnin, they will encounter various individuals, weaving their own stories. In the process, they will gain a deep understanding of the history, culture, and customs of Japan in the late Edo period. The game field, typical of an action RPG offers vast expanse for exploration. It is also possible to deepen relationships with your allies by wandering around the city or opening up new areas.

The game has various systems, including ‘fast travel’ for efficient movement and an aspect that allows you to relax by playing with a nearby cat. The combat progresses in real-time, and players are required to defeat enemies with the skills they have honed. Therefore, enhancement is an important element in this game, enabling upgrades to equipment and acquisition of new skills for improved combat effectiveness.

Above all, the greatest appeal of this game lies in Team NINJA, the development team from Koei Tecmo Games. Known for consistently producing high-quality action games, their expertise and know-how are thoroughly reflected in this game. The completion unveiling event held near the center of the Edo period had Mr. Hayashi and Mr. Yasuda from Team NINJA passionately discussing the appeal of the game.

‘Rise of the Ronin’ is bound to captivate players as they carve out their path in the tumultuous world of the late Edo period, providing a unique blend of history, culture, action, and exploration.


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