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Urgent Recall Issued for Hy-Vee Turkey Gravy due to Mislabeling Error Posing Risk to Soy Allergy Sufferers

(CNN) – An urgent recall has been issued for Hy-Vee Turkey Gravy, produced by Secena Foods Corporation, due to the risk it poses to soy allergy sufferers. A labeling error means the product may contain beef gravy, which includes soy – an allergen not included on the packaging. Such a mistake raises serious concerns for those with allergies or severe sensitivities to soy, warns the FDA.

Hy-Vee, a grocery store chain with numerous locations throughout the Midwest and Kansas, penned the recall following this error. While the store continues to offer local news, weather forecasts, community event notices, sports, and entertainment through outlets such as KGAN CBS 2 and KFXA Fox 28, its focus at present is ensuring this product withdrawal is communicated widely.

This issue highlights the importance of accurate product labeling, especially when it involves potential allergens. For now, customers are advised to return any purchased Hy-Vee Turkey Gravy for a full refund.


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