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Wagakki Band announces hiatus on their 10th anniversary – Each member plans to pursue individual activities after the break.

Wagakki Band is a unique entertainment group that fuses Shigin, traditional Japanese instruments, and a rock band. They debuted in April 2014 with the album ‘Vocaloid Zanmai’ and have been highly praised both in Japan and overseas for their distinctive musical style, with a history of various awards. They have undertaken a wide range of activities regardless of scale, but the band, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year, announced that it will be pausing activities indefinitely as of December 31st.

In addition, their annual New Year’s best hit entertainment live ‘Lemino presents Wagakki Band New Year’s Party’ was also held. This event was held on January 7th at the Tokyo Budokan, and it was the venue to reiterate that the band will be taking a hiatus from activities within 2024.

Upon the announcement of the band’s suspension of activities, Kenji Tsurumizu of the male four-member air band ‘Golden Bomber’ from the same rock world updated his own SNS. He expressed his gratitude to Wagakki Band and many fans have also expressed their regrets.

The members of Wagakki Band have declared that they will continue to excel in their respective fields after the hiatus, continuing to showcase their talents. There is anticipation for new music and activities from them.


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