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Erhu virtuoso Weiwei Wu appears on TV Asahi’s ‘Tetsuko’s Room’! A special interview delving into her passion for music and her humanity

Erhu performer Weiwei Wu will soon appear on TV Asahi’s popular program ‘Tetsuko’s Room’. Weiwei Wu is known as a performer of various instruments, particularly highly esteemed as a master of the Erhu, and he is surprisingly 55 years old this year.

Weiwei Wu is generally affectionately known as ‘Weiwei Wu’. His unique timbre and emotional expression are loved by a wide range of music fans. His music deeply resonates with listeners, sometimes bringing about a nostalgic atmosphere, and other times passionate expressions.

During the long-running talk show ‘Tetsuko’s Room’, which will be broadcast at 1 p.m. on January 17, there will likely be a deep dive into Weiwei Wu’s music career so far, as well as his current stage activities. It’s a great opportunity to learn about his lengthy career and how he has continued to grow over the years.

While it is still undecided whether or not Weiwei Wu will play the Erhu during the program, it’s bound to provide glimpses into his personal philosophy of life and his passion for music. You’ll get to see his true nature and the passion he holds as an artist.

Whether you’ve never seen him before, or you’re a fan of Weiwei Wu, don’t miss this opportunity. You’ll surely be able to thoroughly enjoy his charm, full of deep love for music and overflowing talent.


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